Renewed opportunity to practice urban sports near Rome

Rome satellite town hosts largest skate park in Europe

Rome satellite town hosts largest skate park in Europe

This is actually a re-birth of the facility, located in Ostia

The Mayor of Rome, Virginia Raggi was present at the unveiling of the restored skate park in Ostia on 12 May. The facility, which was declared to be the largest of its kind in Europe, can be found in the area between via della Martinique and via Nostra Signora di Bonaria in Ostia, a seaside neighbourhood, part of the Italian capital’s X Municipality.

Ostia used to be Ancient Rome’s port town back in those days

The inauguration of the skate park was also attended by the President of the X Municipality, Giulian di Pillo and the President of ACS OASI VERDE (a cultural and sport association), William Zanchinelli. The restoration of the sports facility was also made possible with collaboration from the Italian Roller Sports Federation.

“This facility was destroyed about seven years ago. We rebuilt it to give it back to the citizens. An open wound that we have healed. I am sure that this place on the coast of Rome will become an important reference point for the whole territory and an example to look at on an international level,” declared Mayor Raggi on the occasion.

The structure was assigned by public tender to the OASI VERDE Association. Roma City Hall, on its part, had allocated around 600 thousand euros for the construction and complete recovery of the skate park.

The structure stands on an area of ​​1,600 square meters. A work that is executed in the highest level, one of the largest in Europe for this category, where one can practice both skateboarding and other playground sports, as well as urban art activities

This is an avant-garde space, technically supported by the Federation and by professional designers. It consists of a "Superpark" area of ​​847 square meters, which will be able to host national and international competitions and events, and a "Street" area of ​​617 square meters. In addition, there are nearby relaxation areas and services available to the community.



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