The smart piazza in Rome and a novel way to charge your phone, Source: Roberta Della Casa, ex Presidente IV Municipio on Facebook

Rome unveils its first ‘smart square’

Rome unveils its first ‘smart square’

A public space integrating sustainability, innovation and high quality of life into one

On Monday, 6 June, the City of Rome officially inaugurated the first ‘smart square’ in the Italian capital. Located in the Pietralata district it is conceived according to high standards of environmental sustainability, innovation and quality of life, with people and their needs being the focus.

The square is part of the “Smart Squares” project, innovative experimentation carried out by the Capitoline Administration in collaboration with a grouping of companies consisting of Imecon, Planet Idea, the competence center of Planet Smart City and 3PItalia. These companies specialize in the design and production of technological solutions, and in innovation in the urban environment.

What makes the square ‘smart’?

The initiative provides for the availability of free Wi-Fi and a series of smart elements for all visitors to the Roman square. In the green area of Cave di Pietralata Street it is now possible, for example, to recharge your smartphone using three exercise machines that convert the energy produced by physical activity into electricity ready to be exploited.

Then you can find out about the weather, culture and current events through an interactive multimedia totem, called Gate 1, which will integrate the services of a Smart City and will also provide first aid and video surveillance services.

The square is also equipped with three smart benches powered by solar energy and equipped with accessories (wireless charging, USB, radio, speakers). There is also an app called Planet, which can be downloaded for free, and which allows residents to access the services and initiatives organized by the Community manager to facilitate good coexistence within the neighborhood. Additionally, it offers tools to organize activities and share common spaces.

Massimo Bugani, the mayoral delegate at the unveiling, had this to say on the occasion: “Today we inaugurate this first smart square which will offer new services and a new space for socializing and aggregation. We thank the companies that have promoted this experimentation and we continue the work to bring at least one smart square in every municipality of Rome. The goal is to give citizens the opportunity to regain possession of places in the city by exploiting innovation and technology to open up new perspectives”.



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