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Roskilde is surrounded by living history, nature and unique experiences

Roskilde is surrounded by living history, nature and unique experiences

An interview with Mrs. Joy Mogensen, Mayor of Roskilde in Denmark

You have been the Mayor of Roskilde since 2011. What were the topical issues on your agenda 8 years ago and what are they nowadays?

It is the same now as it was in 2011 when I became mayor. For me it has always been about two things. First, our ability to respect each other. Second, our willingness to find and respect common solutions to the great problems of our time.

Roskilde is where the Kingdom of Denmark was founded 1000 years ago. How do you manage to preserve the history and traditions in your city and at the same time to modernize it?

By incorporating the cultural history into the planning of not just Roskilde but all of our cities, we allow ourselves and future generations to be guaranteed an eventful and attractive environment to live in, to visit and to explore.

We do not consider the urban space a museum; development is crucial, and the buildings and facilities that exist are meant to be used. Our starting point is that we must "cultivate" rather than maintain, and the municipality attaches great importance to this work being carried out in collaboration with all our citizens.

Visitors have the possibility to explore the beautiful serene nature, the majestic fjord and the world-renowned tourist attractions in the city center of Roskilde such as the UNESCO Dome of Roskilde, The Viking Ship Museum. Tell us more about the opportunities for tourism in your city.

Roskilde is surrounded by living history, nature and unique experiences. Roskilde - a city of both kings and Vikings. Its 900-year-old cathedral, which is included on the UNESCO World Heritage List, is the final resting place of no less than 38 Danish monarchs. Roskilde is one of the oldest cities in Denmark with unique cultural heritage and beautiful surroundings. The history of the city dates back to the Viking Age – and for centuries, the city was the capital and the heart of Denmark.

The Municipality of Roskilde is also the city where around 130.000 music lovers come to every July for the Roskilde Festival. The Roskilde Festival is among the biggest in Europe. During the festival the population in Roskilde increases more than 200 percent.

One of your goals is to make Roskilde one of the top 3 tourist destinations in Denmark within the next 10 years, with the city offering a wide selection of experiences and events. Tell us more about what you have managed to achieve so far and what else you plan in this direction.

Our cultural heritage is the story of the lived life. A story that has left its mark in the cities and in the landscape. Some have obvious value and great importance as the Cathedral, the Viking Ship Museum, Folkeparken, the Fjord. Others are more modest but are equally important.

We challenge the concept of cultural heritage as more than buildings. It is also the stories and experiences that are tied to the place that can be of great importance to our perception of what cultural heritage is.

Roskilde University holds a large number of researchers, who focus on sustainable development. Could you tell us more about the work done by the municipality in promoting sustainable community development?

Roskilde Municipality and RUC has a close and good cooperation, which helps to develop and future-proof research, development and higher education in Region of Zealand.

Roskilde Festival Højskole is the first newly-established and built folk high school of its kind in Denmark in 45 years, based on the ideals of the Roskilde festival. Tell us more about the concept, the courses and the connection with the world-famous Roskilde Music Festival.

Roskilde Festival Højskole is a new high school based on the ideals behind Roskilde Festival. The goal is to take the best from the Danish high school tradition and combine it with Roskilde Festival's experiences within volunteerism, project management and cultural production.

The Roskilde Municipality Business Sector and erhvervsFORUM Roskilde assist entrepreneurs and established companies in setting up business in Roskilde Municipality. Could you give us concrete examples how does the municipality support entrepreneurs and improve the business environment?

Over the past four years, Business Forum Roskilde has been responsible for Roskilde Municipality's business and tourism services. Good dialogue between the municipality and the business community about their needs and how we can jointly strengthen the business community and make more companies establish and grow is important. I feel that Business Forum is creating growth and offer good business and tourism services.

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