Design plans for the future orphanage, Source: Roskilde Municipality

Roskilde plans to build a new sustainable orphanage

Roskilde plans to build a new sustainable orphanage

Its development and construction will place special emphasis on sustainability and the quality of indoor climate

A new orphanage with special requirements in terms of social, environmental, and economic sustainability will be built in the Danish city of Roskilde. The municipality reported that it will also pay particular attention to the quality of the orphanage’s indoor climate as studies have found that it plays an important role in children’s wellbeing, health, and education.

DGNB certification

In a press release, Roskilde Municipality explained that, among other things, it aims to acquire DGNB certification for the future orphanage. DGNB is the German abbreviation for the German Sustainable Building Council (Deutsche Gesellschaft für Nachhaltiges Bauen). Taking this further, it is a non-profit organisation that promotes sustainable building around the world.

Now, Roskilde is determined to build an orphanage that fulfils the necessary requirements for this certification by ensuring that the entire life cycle of the project is sustainable (i.e., its construction, development, and future use). The German Sustainable Building Council also stresses the importance of the quality of indoor climate.

The chairman of the School and Children Committee Jette Henning commented on this, noting that the orphanage must be a safe place where children can play and grow: “That is why I am pleased with the high level of ambition to achieve the new certification. It is about creating the best possible and healthiest framework for the institution’s children and adults.”

Managers, pedagogical and kitchen staff have all worked together to define a vision for the orphanage. More importantly, the municipality has acknowledged the significance of children’s perspectives in construction and interior design as Henning reminds us that our surroundings look and feel different to those who are under 120cm tall. Thus, children’s perspectives have been considered when envisioning both indoor and outdoor areas where they will learn, play, and grow.

The orphanage will accommodate a total of 140 children with 4 nursery groups and 4 kindergarten groups. Furthermore, it will be located next to the Roskilde City Hall and it is expected to open its doors in the summer of 2022.



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