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Rotterdam gives 3 million euros for innovative solutions to the corona crisis

Rotterdam gives 3 million euros for innovative solutions to the corona crisis

The municipality wants to exit the crisis stronger than it entered it

For the seventh year in a row, the CityLab010 program of Rotterdam is accepting innovative ideas from residents on the challenges the city is facing. This time over 3 million euros are available for insightful ideas which will help Rotterdam get out of the corona crisis.

Rotterdam turns a challenge into an opportunity

This year once again, CityLab010 is challenging the residents of Rotterdam to come up with innovative solutions in the field of sustainability, circularity and digitization. Those who are willing to participate, should register by 1 May at the latest, and get the chance to receive part of the total funding available – 3 million euros.

But the financial incentive is far from the only stimulus to applicants. The idea of the challenge is to help Rotterdam get out of the crisis stronger than it was when it entered it. Therefore, the municipality will make the best to help the projects succeed.

This goes through an initial analysis of each proposal through coaching on the process of implementation to mobilising the city’s professional partners to support it. However, to make the best use of these resources, applicants are advised to register quite in advance, so that they can be coached and improve their idea before submitting it.

Economy Alderman Roos Vermeij, quoted on the website of CityLab010, appealed for increased participation: “We will come out stronger from the crisis together. Rotterdammers are creative and opinionated and often have the best ideas about what is good for the city. Now that we are in a crisis, Rotterdam can use that creativity more than ever. I call on all Rotterdammers with a good idea for the city to register with CityLab010.”

In 2020, the jury selected a total of 47 winners. The list of successful projects includes a talent development programme for residents not integrated into the labour market; an initiative that distributes trees for free as a means to stimulate citizens to cool down the city; an educational design shop and workshop where vulnerable young people can get started with digital content creation.

Once the deadline expires, the jury, consisting of twelve local citizens with diverse skill sets, will start assessing the applications. They will produce a report in November, advising who should receive initial funding.



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