Did you know people from over 180 nationalities live in Rotterdam?

Rotterdam opens a Ukrainian House

Rotterdam opens a Ukrainian House

As a meeting place for war refugees

As of today, 18 March, Ukrainian refugees who chose Rotterdam as a shelter when fleeing the war will have a special place to meet. The Dutch city is opening a Ukrainian house where volunteers will greet refugees with a warm drink and an even warmer conversation.

A comprehensive assistance point for Ukrainians in Rotterdam

Ukrainians who have come to Rotterdam certainly have great prospects of integration: the economic centre and largest seaport in Europe has traditions in welcoming people as it is home to over 180 nationalities.

Accordingly, other than social contacts and a warm welcome, newly-arrived Ukrainians can get several other kinds of help to settle in the second-largest Dutch city. For instance, the Ukrainian House will have a special desk where Ukrainians can seek information about different matters, such as finances, childcare and education. Moreover, there will be a children's corner and whoever needs it, can take home a piece of clothing.

According to the city website, the idea came from a local charity representing the Ukrainian community, who wanted to ensure that their people have a safe place to get support, despite their homes being so far away. Rotterdam City expects to welcome around 1000 refugees from Ukraine, following the Russian aggression that started in February.

The Ukrainian House is located on Pleinweg 196a and will be open every day from 10:00 to 18:00. The Q&A point will, however, only operate on workdays.



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