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Rotterdam will help you to save energy

Rotterdam will help you to save energy

The Dutch city will pay for your energy-saving appliances

Rotterdam has decided to help its residents save energy in any number of ways possible. The latest mechanism is by stimulating people to purchase energy-saving appliances for their homes and thereby reduce consumption. To do this, the second-largest Dutch city has earmarked 90 euros per resident.

Sustainable living made easy with a little help from the local government

Residents of Rotterdam can receive a financial aid worth 90 euros to make their homes more energy-efficient. From 18 January until 31 March, each resident in the Dutch municipality can claim a free Energy Voucher and fund entirely or partially an energy-saving appliance – a LED-lamp, an insulating radiator foil, a water-saving shower timer or many more.

The subsidy is aimed at people on a tight budget who might find such an investment difficult to make but are looking for ways to reduce their energy and water bills. “You can often save a lot of money on energy with a small investment. That is good for the climate and for your wallet,” explained councillor Arno Bonte, responsible for Sustainability, as quoted on the municipal website.

The vouchers can be ordered through the renewed (in Dutch) – Rottedam’s sustainability portal -  and used on a specially designed web shop. The ordered products will be delivered to the owner’s home in an environmentally friendly way, too - on an electric cargo bike.

Alternatively, the digital voucher can be coupled with or replaced by tailor-made energy-saving advice. In the online space of Duurzaam010 Rotterdammers can get advice on all forms of sustainable living: from the construction of a facade garden to the installation of solar panels on their roof or receive information on how to apply for sustainability subsidies.

In another line of environmental protection, earlier today the Dutch municipality also informed that they have achieved an important target related to air quality, meeting the European nitrogen standards throughout the city. This is thanks to the multitude of measures taken to address the problem in the last two years, including thousands of charging stations for electric cars and more electric buses and road sweepers.

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