Salzburg shines spotlight on public transport

Salzburg shines spotlight on public transport

The city’s public transport needs will become an even higher priority

Christian Nagl, head of Salzburg’s “Road Construction and Transport Planning” department is on his way out from the city’s administration. In the wake of his departure, “Road Construction and Transport Planning” will also be disappearing.

In its stead, the city’s public transport will be separated in its very own department – a testament to the importance of the network for the urban landscape. At a time when the local government is attempting to cut down on unneeded expenses, the creation of a brand new administrative unit speaks volumes of the importance of its envisioned works.

The creation of the new “Public Transport and Transport Planning” department is a great achievement, according to Transport Councillor Stefan Schnöll. The administrative change will allow for a great many more projects to be considered and prepared in the future. The local government is looking forward to securing the best and the brightest minds in Austria to fill up the ranks of the new department.

This governmental reshuffle is due to the increasing demand for a better public transport network in Salzburg. It’s a concrete step in the local government’s ambitious plans to improve the service.

Lower prices, better vehicles and expanded infrastructure -these are the goals of the city’s administration.

According to Schnöll, the ambitions of Salzburg can only be achieved by the creation of this specialized body.  "In order to be able to handle all this, we need a strong public transport office in the province of Salzburg, which, together with the Salzburg Transport Association and all other partners, is able to implement the plans and push ahead according to our agenda”.

Salzburg has been plagued by traffic problems for years now with consecutive local government being unable to reach a consensus on how they should be approaching the city’s issues. Perhaps the creation of a specialized body will lead to far better results.



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