Gipuzkoa Electromobility Center, Source: Ainhoa Aizpuru, Markel Olano and Eneko Goia announcing the e mobility centre /

San Sebastian will soon have an electromobility centre

San Sebastian will soon have an electromobility centre

It promises a boost of electric mobility and improved perspectives for local companies

The future Gipuzkoa Electromobility centre will be located in Donostia (known as San Sebastian in the Basque country), announced the local authorities. Its construction is expected to boost the development of electric mobility and strengthen the international positioning of companies based in the Spanish province.

An important municipal purchase

In order to make space for the future centre, the Diputación de Gipuzkoa has acquired a plot of 10,000 square meters in the industrial estate of Eskusaitzeta de Donostia. The space has been purchased by the City of Donostia for EUR 2,009,148.

The official ceremony where the agreement was signed was attended by the Deputy General Markel Olano and the Mayor of Donostia, Eneko Goia, the Deputy of Strategic Projects and President of Mubil Fundazioa, Ainhoa ​​Aizpuru.

In their meeting, they also agreed to reserve another 48,000 square meters to facilitate the implementation of companies in the sector in Eskusaitzeta and thus generate an innovation pole related to electromobility. The works are expected to start next year.

Why an electric mobility centre in the province of Gipuzkoa?

The Gipuzkoa Electromobility Center, Mubil, will address four main objectives:

  • align scientific-technological and industrial capacities for the generation of new economic activity;
  • collaborate in the promotion of knowledge transfer mechanisms and generation of new business niches to create new business fabric, transform the existing one and generate new jobs;
  • integrate their actions into an institutional cooperation network;
  • encourage Gipuzkoa to become a space for experimentation of sustainable mobility and storage.

Until the works of the Mubil electromobility centre in Eskusaitzeta are completed, its provisional facilities will be located in the unique building of the industrial estate of Usabal, in Tolosa. Mubil Fundazioa is currently working on the latest details related to the design and facilities of its interim headquarters in the village.



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