Santa Maria da Feira road paving, Source: Santa Maria da Feira Municipality

Santa Maria da Feira updates its road network

Santa Maria da Feira updates its road network

By the end of the year the works will add another 100 kms of paving

The coronavirus pandemic may have slowed down all manner of projects, but it has not managed to stop the renovation of the road network in the northern Portuguese municipality of Santa Maria da Feira. Its municipal website was glad to announce that the projected amount of paving for the program period 2017-2021 has already been exceeded. Some 250 kilometres of roads are now equipped with new pavement cover.

The municipality plans to speed up work even more and make up for the past months

The project affects 31 of the parishes in the municipality and is unfolding in a continuous and organized way. On 15 September, Emídio Sousa, the Mayor of Santa Maria da Feira, decided to personally visit and inspect the work in progress and see in person how municipal investments were being spent. In that visit, he was accompanied by António Topa Gomes, Councillor responsible for Municipal Works.

Mayor Sousa was of the opinion that “a strong investment in the rehabilitation of the entire road network in the municipality is to ensure, on one hand, greater fluidity, development and safety in circulation throughout the territory, and on the other hand, to raise the quality of life in residential areas and urban centres.

He also added: “The improvement of our extensive road network was one of the objectives set for these four years and we are largely fulfilling it”. The mayor and the councillor inspected works in the parishes of Santa Maria da Feira and Mosteirô.

The re-pavement project itself has been divided into several stages, of which this was the 8th one. It included the work on 80 kilometres of road for an investment of 2.8 million euros. The launch of the first public tenders for stage 9, which will count with a 3 million euros budget, is already being prepared.



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