School closures and travel restrictions in Lithuania to prevent coronavirus spread

School closures and travel restrictions in Lithuania to prevent coronavirus spread

Vilnius closes educational institutions and public entertainment spaces

With just three confirmed coronavirus cases so far, Lithuania introduced yesterday tough preventive measures. They include suspending the activities at all educational, cultural, sports and leisure establishments in the country for two weeks and banning travel to and from coronavirus risk zones: China, South Korea, Singapore, Japan and Italy, LRT reported.

People arriving from affected countries will have to self-isolate for two weeks. The measures come into effect today and will remain in place until March 27.

Vilnius City leads with precautionary measures

The stringent nationwide measures mirror in many respects those announced by Vilnius City Municipality earlier in the day.

All educational facilities - kindergartens, schools, universities in the municipality will be closed. The same will apply to cinemas, theatres, sports clubs and other recreational or entertainment venues.

However, the municipality recommends that residents do not close themselves behind four walls but go for a walk, exercise outdoors or relax in nature.

Vilnius public transport will not be obstructed, but will be more frequently disinfected, ventilated and passengers will be encouraged to maintain a clear distance from each other. Bicycle and scooter sharing companies are already being negotiated to get their season off to an early start.

For all offices and businesses in Vilnius, the municipality recommends switching to home office, adjourning unnecessary meetings or conducting them electronically. From Monday the municipality will serve Vilnius residents only remotely - by e-mail and phone.

Food deliveries and smart TV for those who self-isolate

The Mayor of Vilnius Remigijus Šimašius met with representatives of health care institutions in Vilnius to ensure prompt and effective management of the situation. He also discussed with food delivery companies the opportunity to deliver food to those who will not be able to take care of it themselves.

Private companies are also being consulted on the possibility of giving Vilnius residents access to smart TV during the self-isolation period.



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