Sea turtle hatchling

Sea turtles issue Sardinian beaches a clean bill of health

Sea turtles issue Sardinian beaches a clean bill of health

The first nest with eggs for the season has been secured

Earlier this week, the government website of the island of Sardinia informed the public that the first loggerhead sea turtle beach nest in the region this summer, discovered by the concessionaire of the sandy stretch, has been safely secured. This happened in Chia Bay, on the southern coast, west of the regional capital of Cagliari.

The bio conservation actions are carried out by the Forestry Corps as part of the activities of the 'Regional Network for the Conservation of Marine Fauna', coordinated by the Regional Department of Environmental Defense.

Loggerheads are one of three species of sea turtles that inhabit the Mediterranean

The beach concessionaire promptly reported the discovery and the biologists of the Laguna di Nora and CReS recovery centres, who after having assessed the conditions of the nest, ordered it to be moved to a safer position. The operation included inserting thermometric probes to detect life activity in the eggs, ensuring constant monitoring until hatching, which is previewed to happen in mid-August.

“These fantastic turtles carefully choose where to nest and often pick the beaches of Sardinia, proving the excellent state of health of our coasts, where they find the right climatic conditions,” commented the regional environmental councillor, Gianni Lampis.

He added: “For some time now, the Region has been carefully addressing the issue of marine biodiversity. A factor of environmental wealth that is protected also thanks to the Regional Network for the Conservation of Marine Fauna, which adopts all protective and safety measures and information that generate responsible and environmentally friendly behaviour".

Councillor Lampis also used the occasion to address an invitation to citizens to actively collaborate and to adopt responsible behaviour that is respectful to the presence of the turtles. Beachgoers should immediately report every nest sighting and wait for the intervention of the experts who will then take care of the safety of the eggs.

Loggerhead sea turtles (Caretta caretta) are one of the three sea turtle species that can be found in the Mediterranean Basin – the other two being the green turtle and the leatherback turtle.

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