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See what information Amsterdam stores for you

See what information Amsterdam stores for you

The capital of the Netherlands makes another step towards digital citizenship

The Municipality of Amsterdam has just launched a new online service for its citizens – MyAmsterdam (originally Mijn Amsterdam in Dutch). This is a personal online page for each resident that enables them to quickly consult important information that authorities store for them, including the taxes and fees due, the progress of applications or validity of documents. All this without the need to visit the municipal counter.

Amsterdam gives back information to its citizens

Mijn Amsterdam has been operational since 22 June and can be accessed by residents with DigiD login. Soon, the authorities promise, there will be new pieces of information added, including such that concern entrepreneurs.

Each personal MyAmsterdam page gives citizens the chance to access their personal data, the services and products that they have requested from the municipality, such as the Stadspas (City pass) or a passport.

It is also possible to consult the state of registration with the municipality, application, specifications and annual statement of social assistance benefits, information about waste collection, environmental zones and more general data about the neighbourhood.

On top of consultation, upon login citizens receive tips and notifications on important deadlines, such as the date of expiry of documents or directions on how to correct their data. All data is safe and protected by DigiD, assure the authorities.

MyAmsterdam represents a great opportunity for citizens to quickly find out when something is not right with their status or requests and have it fixed swiftly. It also respects their time and efforts, saving them the need to visit the city offices for minor consultations or requests.

Hopefully, with more and more information added with time, the portal will become even more useful to both citizens and companies. What is important is that sharing the available information with the residents is an essential step of the digital transformation and is an absolute must for any smart city.



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