Lipasam collectors, Source: Municipality of Seville

Selective waste collection of new generation in Seville, Spain

Selective waste collection of new generation in Seville, Spain

New facilities powered by solar energy will be used to collect the uncollectable

The City Council of Seville, through Lipasam, has started the commissioning of Ecopoints facilities for selective collection of waste that, due to their characteristics, should not be deposited in public containers. One will be installed per district, or a total of 11, with a budget of 322,410 euro.

The Ecopoints are small fixed installations, powered by solar energy where residues of domestic origin, of small dimensions can be deposited.  They will be available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The objective is to avoid that this type of material is thrown into the organic waste containers.

The type of waste that can be collected includes: toner and ink cartridges, used vegetable oil, aluminium coffee capsules, plastic coffee capsules, CD / DVD,  video / audio tapes, small tires (bicycles and similar), non-packaging glass (mirrors, glass windows, glasses, etc.), batteries, small appliances, electronic scrap, mobiles, small batteries, chargers, small empty contaminated containers (solvents, paints, motor oil, aerosols, etc.), fluorescents, energy saving lamps used, mercury thermometers, x-rays and photographic material, needles and sharp objects (knife, cutter, etc.).

In addition, these facilities have anti-graffiti finish, signs for waste with Braille, autonomous fire extinguishing system, advertising panel (Mupi), LED lighting system and photovoltaic energy system. And the best part: they have a space enabled for the exchange of books.

The ecopoints complement and improve the function performed by the four clean points of Seville, a service with a high rating in satisfaction surveys.

Source: Municipality of Sevilla



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