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Self-driving buses roll into Gothenburg

Self-driving buses roll into Gothenburg

These will first only run a short route under the conditions of a test trial

The Swedish city of Gothenburg is already looking towards the next chapter of mobility innovation when it comes to the public transport service provision.  Transport operator Keolis has brought its autonomous electric self-driving shuttles to inaugurate a new 1.8-km line that will serve various points within the Lindholmen Industrial and Science Park. The two vehicles started operating on 18 January but for the time being this is a trial run of the service which will last 4.5 months.

Similar shuttles are already operating in other European and global cities

Autonomous or driverless vehicles are still a fairly new concept that might take some time to become freely welcomed and accepted by societies, even if in reality it means that this would actually make mobility and traffic flow safer than it used to be by eliminating the possibility for human errors.

That is the reason why this kind of vehicles is being gradually introduced. In the trial bus lines, there will always be a human operator present and ready to take over the driving task if needed, as this is also required by law. The maximum speed of the shuttles is 20 km/h and they have the capacity to carry 8 passengers.

It is also reported that the small buses are designed to operate in sub-zero temperatures and snow, which makes them suitable for the local climatic conditions. They have the capacity to run for up to seven hours after a single charge.

Although the new line will operate on the area of the Lindholmen Industrial Park, it will also connect to the regular city transit allowing for seamless integration. This is part of the larger plan of the authorities called Next Generation Travel and Transport for bringing Gothenburg’s public transit network into the future.

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