Maribor, Source: Maribor, Slovenia by Mitch Altman from San Francisco, USA (CC BY-SA2.0)

Self-paid testing for antibodies available in Maribor

Self-paid testing for antibodies available in Maribor

The tests have been available for 20 euros each since earlier this week

With more and more people ready and eager to get back into the world and with many institutions, venues and potential opportunities requiring positive coronavirus antibody tests, cities across Europe are ready to rise up to demand and provide for their constituents.

In Slovenia’s Maribor, for example, a lab has begun providing antibody tests to locals and visitors for the price of 20 euros apiece, thus satisfying a growing demand that if met will be a great boon not only to the city itself but to its entire region.

Vital for restarting the local economy

Despite the fact that Slovenia has been registering fewer cases of COVID-19 over the past few weeks, fears of the disease’s return are prompting authorities to remain vigilant. The same goes doubly for citizens, whose individual responsible behaviour has been the best medicine for stopping the spread of the coronavirus over the last couple of months.

Thus, the new antibody testing will provide locals with yet another opportunity to feel safe and will allow locals to better assess the situation in Maribor and its surrounding areas.

Another reason for why the city’s new offer might prove a great success is the fact that many migrant workers will venture there specifically to get tested at the affordable price. By obtaining a health certificate stipulating that they are not sick or have already recovered, citizens will once again be able to travel freely to work in other countries, without being subjected to mandatory quarantine measures.

A great benefit of these new tests is that their results become available in the same day, thus allowing visitors of Maribor, travelling specifically to get tested, to return back home in just a matter of hours after having their questions answered.



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