Series of events to promote Basque language in Vitoria-Gasteiz

Series of events to promote Basque language in Vitoria-Gasteiz

They will culminate on International Basque Day

Vitoria-Gasteiz, capital of the Basque Autonomous Community in Spain is determined to protect and promote the Basque language. One of the latest demonstrations of this commitment is the programme 'Euskaraz, 1 + 1… 11', presented last week by the Provincial Council. It previews a series of activities for the last quarter of the year. They have started on October 31st and will last until December 3rd, the International Basque Day.

The events will be held in different parts of the city, with a clear purpose: to continue working together so as to guarantee the linguistic rights of citizens and to promote the use of the Basque language in all areas of life.

Vitoria-Gasteiz - capital of the Basque language

One-sided and full-time cooperation is at the heart of this project. Basque councillor Iñaki Gurtubai defined it as a valuable tool to make Vitoria-Gasteiz the capital of the Basque language. He also stressed that the actions will be varied, distributed in the city's suburbs, and accessible to the general public.

The Basque director of the Provincial Council, Lexuri Ugarte, stressed that “throughout the year we have the opportunity to show our support and our commitment to the Basque language, and to do it in a practical way. And that is what we present today. An offer that is not reduced to one day but extends for months. A proposal born from the community, from Vitoria-Gasteiz and from the neighbourhoods. Together with other locations in Araba, we continue to expand and strengthen the Basque language community.”

The program that has its origins from the Basque Day went from being a one-day celebration to 'Euskera Week'. Now it has been extended even further. It is supported by 16 local actors and includes activities in many areas: culture, sport, commerce, music. There will be a festival, painting, readings, serious games, storytelling, workshops, masterclasses for adults and children and many more.



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