Sevilla Traffic Lights, Source: Ayuntamiento de Sevilla

Seville gives the green light to new traffic lights

Seville gives the green light to new traffic lights

The equipment update is expected to reduce accidents and emissions

Today, it was announced by the authorities in Seville that in the upcoming weeks work will begin towards the replacement of obsolete traffic lights in the districts of Macarena and Norte and the installation of traffic control systems. This is part of the local Strategy for the Integrated and Sustainable Urban Development (Edusi), co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund, with the aim of introducing an integrated information technology network that covers the area of the Andalusian capital.

Information and communication technologies (ICT) are designed to address a range of issues

This specific initiative is led by the local Department of Governance, which has awarded the contract for the installations to UTE Eysa Aluvisa Zona Norte de Sevilla for a budget of 231 369 euros. Once the company signs the deal, it is expected that the work will be completed within six months.

With this project we aim to advance the necessary improvements in the northern area of the city through the implementation of ICT and an intelligent mobility management system, taking advantage of the resources obtained through the Edusi program. The traffic light intersections of the Norte and Macarena districts included in this project will be at the most advanced level of implementation of ICT and new systems in the city," explained Juan Carlos Cabrera, the Councillor of Governance in Sevilla.

More specifically, the project concerns the replacement of traffic lights from 39 intersections with newer models that will be connected to the centralized traffic control system. That way they will be able to be remotely controlled, reducing accidents and allowing for optimization of the traffic flow which will lead to less harmful gas emissions.

Likewise, this initiative also plans for the installation of traffic vigilance equipment that will permit the provision of constant feedback and distant observation of the intersections.



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