Signing of the Agreement in Sibiu, Source: City of Sibiu

Sibiu Municipality’s water infrastructure to be upgraded with 175 million euros

Sibiu Municipality’s water infrastructure to be upgraded with 175 million euros

Local and national authorities worked tirelessly together to make the investment possible

Apa Canal Sibiu together with the Intercommunity Development Association "Sibiu Water Association" signed on Wednesday, January 6 the financing contract for the "Regional project for the development of water and wastewater infrastructure in Sibiu and Brașov counties" within the Large Infrastructure Operational Program. The total value of the investments that will be made with European support is about 175 million Euros without VAT, spread out over the next 3 years.

The investment will substantially improve water and sewage infrastructure in Sibiu municipality and will play a pivotal role in its climate and environment ambitions – as well as in improving the quality of life of its residents.

Doing what’s necessary through EU funds

The main works that will be carried out within this project are split between the two counties involved. In Sibiu County the following works will be carried out:

  • extensions and rehabilitation of drinking water networks and sewer collectors in Sibiu
  • rehabilitation of the adductions from Gura Râului and Sadu sources and construction of new adductions, the most important being Sibiu - Tilișca, Sibiu - Șura Mare - Slimnic - Ruși and Sibiu - Roșia commune
  • streamlining the water treatment process in the “Dumbrava” Water Plant
  • modernization of the Central Water Analysis Laboratory
  • Mohu Wastewater Treatment Plant process improvements
  • water supply for ten new localities in Sibiu County: Miercurea Sibiului, Dobârca, Apoldu de Sus, Roșia, Daia, Nou, Cașolț, Cisnădioara, Săcădate and Ruși
  • sewerage in Poplaca commune will become functional by building a wastewater transport collector to Sibiu
  • in the city of Miercurea Sibiului new drinking water and sewerage networks will be built as well as a wastewater treatment plant
  • rehabilitation of existing treatment plants and treatment plants, drinking water storage tanks, water and sewerage networks

Meanwhile, in the county of Brașov work will be done on:

  • The network for drinking water in Mândra, Toderița, Ludișor, Voievodeni, Mândra, Toderița, Recea, Berivoi, Dejani, Beclean and Gura Văii localities
  • In the municipality of Făgăraș - rehabilitation of the Pojorta supply, modernization of the treatment plant, construction of new drinking water storage tanks and rehabilitation of the existing ones, construction of drinking water and wastewater pumping stations, chlorination stations, etc.

Following the realization of these investments, the localities served by Apa Canal Sibiu will be connected to the public drinking water networks in a proportion of 98%, and the degree of compliance with the norms regarding wastewater treatment will be approximately 99%.

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