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Sicilian Government finances eco-mobility on small islands

Sicilian Government finances eco-mobility on small islands

The current example comes from Salina, famous for being the set of Il Postino movie

The autonomous government of Sicily will contribute funds towards the implementation of sustainable mobility and the development of viable eco-tourism on the small inhabited islands of the archipelagoes that dot the Tyrrhenian Sea. The Government of Nello Musumeci has announced that it has set aside 4 million euros for that purpose from the Infrastructural Operative Plan fund.

Many volcanic islands have been inhabited by small communities for thousands of years

The money is expected to go towards the purchasing of buses, minibuses and other innovative vehicles that would fit into the concept of eco-tourism and will make mobility more sustainable while taking care of the delicate ecosystems of the small islands.

“Modernizing local transport in a sustainable way with the help of new technologies is one of the objectives that the regional government is pursuing. A commitment that we also reiterated during our last visit to Salina and that the Musumeci government maintains today. The smaller islands become an innovative laboratory for green mobility, an action that also strengthens the tourist growth of local communities,” said Marco Falcone, Councilor for Infrastructures in the regional government.

The initiative is planned as a co-financing process, on the advice of the regional Department of Infrastructure and Mobility to provide, on an experimental basis, funds to the Municipality of Malfa, located on the island of Salina in the Aeolian archipelago.

This is a string of small volcanic isles located north of Sicily. Salina, specifically, is perhaps known as one of the shooting locations of the Il Postino movie, which won numerous accolades in 1994. The island is also locally renowned as having the best capers grown in the Mediterranean.

The Malfa administration has asked for 200 000 euros with the proposal to create a “Green Line” - sustainable transportation for tourists and a route that will go around the island while causing no carbon impact.

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