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Siemens to supply Ostrava with charging infrastructure and eBuses

Siemens to supply Ostrava with charging infrastructure and eBuses

Ostrava is determined to become a cleaner city

Siemens will help the Czech city of Ostrava achieve zero-emission public transport by supplying it with charging infrastructure and a fleet of 24 electric buses. In a press release, Siemens explains that the largest order for electric buses in the country will include 4 Sicharge UC charging stations, 28 mobile chargers, electrical infrastructure, and energy automation software.

Installation of charging points

The four state-of-the-art charging points for the new eBuses will be installed at the Hranečník terminal and in the centre of Ostrava on Valchařská street. More specifically, one Sicharge UC fast charger will be placed in Hranečník while the other three will be installed at Valchařská.

It must be noted that the charging stations run on a self-service basis and have been designed to charge all types of electric vehicles. What is more, they are equipped with surveillance cameras and offer a maximum DC output of 500A at up to 1000V, reported Siemens. These chargers are expected to begin operating by the summer of 2022.

The aforementioned fleet of electric buses will be supplied to the Ostrava Transit Authority by the Solaris Bus & Coach. These eBuses will be 12 metres long and have a capacity of 80 passengers, both standing and sitting. Moreover, their estimated daily range is up to 400 kilometres and they only need approximately 10 minutes to charge.

Contributing to a cleaner city

By suppling Ostrava with smart and high-tech infrastructure, Siemens is helping the Czech city become cleaner. Speaking to Siemens, the general director and board chairman of the Ostrava Transit Authority Daniel Morys commented: “The need for reliable, cost-efficient and zero-emission mass transportation in Ostrava is perhaps higher than in other Czech cities.

Clean air is an essential indicator of the quality of life. Therefore, I believe that passengers will appreciate our efforts towards a cleaner Ostrava and support us in the further expansion of electromobility.”

By doing its best to achieve zero-emission public transport in the city, Ostrava shows its residents that it cares about their wellbeing and the future of the environment.



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