Sintra opens thousands of free parking spaces near train stations

Sintra opens thousands of free parking spaces near train stations

The local government hopes that this new measure will promote the use of public transport

The local government of the Portuguese town of Sintra announced the opening of 1169 free parking spaces near two train stations. The Sintra City Council hopes that by providing this service, the municipality will encourage locals to leave their cars at the parking lots and hop on a train.

The parking lots at the Monte Abraão and the Mira Sintra-Meleças train stations are now officially free of charge, stated the mayor of Sintra Basilio Horta. According to him, these new free parking lots will be encouraging citizens of Sintra to swap the car with other, healthier and environmentally friendlier modes of transport.

Part of an overall strategic approach

Members of the local government further stated that this is a “measure that increases the attractiveness of public transport for all who live and work in the municipality of Sintra”. It is also a part of a larger strategy, which was adopted by the Sintra municipal government in 2017, aimed at promoting the use of public transport.

As part of said strategy, over 3,800 parking spaces have been made free near train stations and other kinds of urban mobility stops. Mayor Basilio Horta is adamant that this approach is vital to the future of the city. "Sintra defends and invests in the mobility strategy" he stated, adding that the municipal government will keep on improving and investing in new solutions for urban mobility.

Taking great leaps into the future

The local authorities in Sintra appear quite eager to take bold steps and provide new and improved municipal services to their constituents. Recently, the City Council of Sintra announced plans for a massive investment in the improvement of its local schools and the reinvigoration of the entire schooling system in the municipality.



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