Environment Minister announcing the projects , Source: Aaron Farrugia on Facebook

Six urban embellishment projects unveiled in Malta

Six urban embellishment projects unveiled in Malta

Local councils are allowed to acquire all project funds, instead of 30 percent of the costs

Residents of the Maltese towns of St Julian’s, Ħamrun and Mosta and the Gozitan Qala village will benefit from six urban embellishment projects through the Planning Authority’s Development Planning Fund.

Up to 100 percent funding for environmental measures in urban areas

Announcing the projects, Environment Minister Aaron Farrugia said that the fund has so far financed 140 projects for the embellishment of various public spaces across the archipelago worth EUR 17 million. He stressed that the implementation of these environmental projects has become possible because the local councils can now acquire all project funds, and not just spend 30 percent of the costs according to the previous regulation.

These changes to the PA's Development Planning Fund policy were made last year with the aim of encouraging greener and more socially conscious planning projects by local councils, NGOs and third parties. 

“We subsidise 100 percent of many of these projects that the local councils carry out to embellish the place. Our aim is to embellish our buildings, deteriorating gardens and public spaces….this will lead to the regeneration of these areas,” stated Farrugia, as quoted by TVM.

Balluta stairs to be given a facelift

Addressing a press conference in Balluta, Minister Farrugia announced an investment of EUR 450,000 from the Development Planning Fund to transform the stairs of Triq Joe Attard Kingswell into an aesthetically appealing public space.

The staircase connects the residential area of Balluta with the beach. Located on the northeast coast of Malta within St. Julian's, Balluta is a popular recreation spot, admired for its plentiful water sports opportunities and triangular Judas-tree shaded square girded by cafés.

The mayors of St Julian’s, Mosta, Ħamrun and the deputy mayor of Qala said that the Planning Authority’s funds are crucial for many local projects. They cited the embellishment of gardens and roads, and also infrastructural improvements such as installation of new lighting systems and sports facilities.



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