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Ski-sharing scheme inaugurated in Lahti

Ski-sharing scheme inaugurated in Lahti

It provides locals with yet another convenient way to get around the city

In the cold embrace of winter, maybe taking a bike to work isn’t the best idea. Therefore, during these few months, a replacement is needed in cities in Europe’s north. In Finland’ Lahti, authorities have found the perfect solution – a ski sharing scheme that acts essentially as the local bike-sharing initiatives but is better suited for winter.

Innovation where you least expect it

According to Lahti authorities, the city is the first in the world to introduce a ski-sharing scheme as a mobility alternative.

“City Skis work the same as city bikes: the skis can be borrowed from a ski point, where they should be returned to after use,” explained Saara Vauramo, the programme director of Lahti European Green Capital.

Lahti already boasts a strong tradition of winter sports, being a seven-time host of the FIS Nordic World Ski Championship, so it should come as no surprise that the idea for ski-sharing popped up exactly here.

If you’re on the lookout to grab a pair of skis in Lahti, you can find them at a total of three ski points around the city centre and at one neat the Salpausselä ski stadium. The way the scheme works is exactly like the traditional bike-sharing initiatives that can be found everywhere around Europe.

“We hope the City Skis can bring joy to locals during the coldest season – and at the same time, we want to promote emission-free ways of getting around the city all-year-round. As the current European Green Capital and the unofficial skiing capital of Finland, we want to save our winters and motivate people to make climate-friendly choices,” continued Vauramo.

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