Slovakia awards most environmentally friendly cities

Slovakia awards most environmentally friendly cities

The Slovak Environment Agency awarded the most climate friendly cities within the ENVIROMESTO 2019 initiative

The Slovak Environment Agency recently announced the winners of the ENVIROMESTO 2019 competition.

The competition’s aim is to recognize the most climate-friendly and environmentally conscious cities and their administrations’ efforts in fighting climate change and improving their citizens’ lives.

Champion in climate protection

This year’s big winner is the town of Kežmarok. The efforts of the local government were recognized by the Slovak Minister of the Environment László Sólymos.

Kežmarok has obviously been hard at work at improving its environmentally friendly activities. One of the most important projects recently completed by the town’s authorities is the Cycling Path around the City project, the main objectives of which is the heavy promotion of non-motorized modes of transport within the town’s confines.

Furthermore, the local government of Kežmarok has successfully completed the implementation of new and effective flood protection measures by consciously modifying the flow of local watercourses.

Kežmarok is also quickly developing its Smart City capabilities by using new technologies to improve not only the quality of life in the urban area, but to also protect and improve the quality of the environment within the city confines.

With such an impressive assortment of achievements, it should come as no surprise that Kežmarok won this year’s title of most environmentally friendly city in Slovakia

Not to be left behind

But that’s not the end of it. The competition awarded 4 other cities in the country for their successes in different fields.

The prize for transition to a green and circular economy was given to the city of Pezinok. The jury was especially impressed with its implementation of green procurement principles and improvements to the local waste managements.

Banska Bystrica was awarded the prize for Nature and Landscape protection for its efforts in establishing a stable and positive link between urban areas and nature.

Zilina topped the charts in air protection, thanks to its efforts in introducing new sustainable modes of transports, while Nitra was deemed the best at mitigating the effects of climate change.



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