Prime Minister Janez Jansa in yesterday's statement for the media, Source: Cabinet of the Prime Minister

Slovenia alleviates covid measures in nine regions

Slovenia alleviates covid measures in nine regions

In nine out of twelve regions, schooling, cultural venues and some businesses will resume operations

Nine out of twelve statistical regions in Slovenia are showing significant improvements in the infolding of the coronavirus spread. That is why there will be partial alleviation of the restrictions on their territory from Monday, 25 January – this became clear after yesterday’s regular meeting of the Slovene government.

These regions will be moving from black to red phase of the five-tier system and the changes concern the fields of education, culture and leisure.

Greenlight for culture in Slovenia

The Government of Slovenia announced alleviation of the restrictions in most of the country's regions from Monday (see a map in the gallery above). The regions that meet the conditions for alleviation are Osrednjeslovenska (Central), Gorenjska (Upper Carniola), Primorsko-Notranjska (Littoral–Inner Carniola), Obalno-kraška (Coastal–Karst), Koroška (Carinthia), ​​Podravska (Drava), Pomurska (Mura), Savinjska (Savinja) and Zasavska (Central Sava).

There, as of Monday, nurseries, kindergartens and the first three grades of primary schools will reopen, after three months of homeschooling. They will be implementing a system with shorter teaching hours, smaller class sizes and will be adhering to advanced sanitary protocols. All employees will be tested for coronavirus on the first day of the week, so classes will start on Tuesday.

In terms of business and leisure, there is a positive development for the cultural institutions, such as museums, libraries, galleries, etc. which can reopen. Some non-essential businesses are also reallowed to continue operations with a full list expected later today. The reopening of ski resorts will be possible from Saturday next week.

"Given that the epidemiological picture in Slovenia is still extremely serious, that we have moved from the black to the red phase by a good half a step, in all activities where there will be a certain release, it is even more important to strictly follow the instructions; that there are no exceptions here, that we take all measures into account," stressed the Prime Minister Janez Janša quoted on the governmental website. He further pointed out that both the health inspectorate and the police will tighten controls.

He also made it clear that if the positive trends continue and there are no outbreaks over the next week, all statistical regions could enter the red phase.


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