Mayor Saša Rister holding twin babies, Source: City of Orahovica

Small Croatian town dedicates a special day to celebrating twins

Small Croatian town dedicates a special day to celebrating twins

Every 29th resident in Orahovica is a twin

On 17 January, the Croatian City of Orahovica announced its plans to assign a special day dedicated to twins. In other words, it revealed that it will celebrate the “Day of the Croatian Twins” starting from this spring.

While being a twin is quite rare, it does not seem to be so in this small Croatian town. Having a population of approximately 5,000 inhabitants, Orahovica has nearly 200 sets of twins. Taking this further, the city reported that a study recently found that every 29th resident is a twin.

Celebrating on a national level

Commenting on his decision to dedicate a day to Croatian twins, Mayor of Orahovica, Saša Rister, explained that the idea to do so came from a man with two younger sisters and grandchildren who are twins. More importantly, it was this citizen who first portrayed Orahovica as a city of twins in 2007.

“If the epidemiological situation and measures allow, this [the Day of the Croatian Twins] will be a special day, most likely as part of the Orahovac Spring, where will try to gather twins from all over Croatia and dedicate the day to them with fun content,” said Mayor Rister, revealing his hopes that the event will celebrate twins from all over the country. 

Last week, prior to the mayor’s decision to organise such a day, the city shared the story of what it called a “special family”. This family, according to the small town, reaffirmed Orahovica’s reputation as a city of twins as its members consist of triplets and two sets of twins born in 2005, 2018, and 2021, respectively. In addition to them, another family in Orahovica also welcomed twins in the last year.



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