Mayor Thomas Steiner during the inauguration of the new emergency homeless shelter , Source: City of Eisenstadt

Small town Austria teams up with Caritas to help the homeless

Small town Austria teams up with Caritas to help the homeless

The new emergency centre in Eisenstadt was financed with parish donations

Last week, Caritas Burgenland teamed up with the local administration in Eisenstadt, Austria, to create a new emergency homeless shelter. The facility is located on municipal property near a car park and consists of several converted containers. The containers themselves are equipped with a bed, sanitary facilities, a warm meal, coffee and a heater.

Homeless people need help throughout the year

People who make their way to the new emergency facility will have access to another great amenity, a room for themselves. At the same time, the facility will also offer some professional help from social workers on site.

Another perk of the new emergency shelter is that people can use it as their permanent address, which can be invaluable when applying for various government aid programmes. At the same time, Caritas has also organised street workers in the area, handing out sleeping bags and hot meals. They are also tasked with directing people in need to shelters or offering advice.

interior homeless shelterThe interior of one o the new emergency homeless units, Source: City of Eisenstadt 

Eisenstadt Mayor Thomas Steiner was quoted in a press release, explaining that people who have lost their footing will be able to find that vital anchor at the facility. He continued: “You can count on us to be there for you. Together with our offers from the municipal social department, we want to support these people on their way back to a self-determined life."

The project is funded by donations from local religious parishes and supported by the municipality. Caritas points out that a 25 Euro donation can fund a homeless person’s overnight stay and a warm meal, 80 euros can secure a homeless person a mattress and bedding and 250 euros can fund street workers interacting directly with people in need for a month.   



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