The plants will reduce emissions by 155 tons annually, Source: Nuno Marques / Unsplash

Small-town Croatia is building solar parks with Norwegian funds

Small-town Croatia is building solar parks with Norwegian funds

With the funds, Križevci will construct six photovoltaic power plants on public building roofs

Small towns in Croatia are putting themselves on the map in terms of sustainable and renewable energy generation. According to a new statement by the local authorities in Križevci, thanks to a new partnership programme with Norway, 16 cities in the Balkan country will see major renewable investments.

The scheme is called the One Sun Connecting North and South and it focuses particularly on developing photovoltaic installations for municipalities and municipal buildings. These facilities will help decarbonise the administrative sector in these cities and help Croatia become more energy-independent.

Six new photovoltaic plants in Križevci

The project in Križevci involves the construction of six photovoltaic plants, one on the roof of the building of the local Red Cross, one on the Centre for Education and Rehabilitation (Centra za odgoj, obrazovanje i rehabilitaciju), the local kindergarten, and elementary school and the city’s sports halls.

The project will cost just over 1 million euros, with more than 80% of that coming from non-refundable financing. The city will have to foot the rest of the bill.

The solar plants themselves will have a power of 229 kilowatts, while the estimated annual production capacity is around 981.87 megawatt-hours of electricity. This would lead to a massive 155.72-ton reduction in local CO2 emissions.

Considering that Križevci is a town of just over 10,000 people, this single investment will go a long way towards decarbonising the local economy. Additionally, according to a statement by local authorities, this brings local infrastructure one step closer to their goal of making the municipality energy-independent by 2030.

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