Smart mobility solutions complete successful trials in Helsinki

Smart mobility solutions complete successful trials in Helsinki

Over the past three years the Finnish capital has been experimenting with different approaches to smart mobility

Since 2018 the local government of the Finnish capital of Helsinki has been conducting tests and trials of a wide range of smart mobility solutions – and their experiment has finally reached its successful conclusion.

The Last Mile project was meant to deliver on the wishes of local authorities and citizens for a smarter and more integrated transport network by conducting a series of trial runs for different services that could one day be implemented in full across the urban area.

Improving mobility capabilities, the smart way

The Last Mile project was carried out in several Finnish cities – Helsinki, Espoo and Vantaa, but the main testing ground was the capital’s Jätkäsaari area, which has become a true hub for the trials of smart mobility solutions.

Among the most popular approaches that were tested over the years were the introduction of a service that allowed for citizens to call for boat rides to different parts of town on demand, a service for shared cargo bicycles and a service that allows for shared rides to children’s football practices.

The last one proved so popular with locals that they decided to keep the service running, and with the help of the project’s developers, who published a how-to guide, it has become a part of everyday life in the area.

Different aspects of mobility

Throughout the years, the Last Mile project focused on different areas when it comes to mobility. In 2018, for example, the project had its eyes on trialling services for the transportation of tourists, while in 2019 it had a wider scope and included numerous shared ride and cycling services.

And despite the fact that the project has run its course, the Jätkäsaari area remains a hub for such developments, as both the local Mobility Lab and the residents of the area are eager to test and trial new mobility services that might end up being to the benefit of the entire city.



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