City Tree, Source: Iași Municipality

Smart Trees to be installed in Iasi

Smart Trees to be installed in Iasi

An ideal combination between plants and Internet of Things technology

The Romanian Municipality of Iasi will be connected to an extensive European program aimed at improving air quality through the use of bio-technological filters in polluted urban areas. The participation of the Municipality of Iași, as a leading partner, in the LIFE program of the European Commission, was voted on by the local councilors during a meeting on 31st August, announced the municipality.

Filtration of air particles, while producing oxygen and reducing noise levels

Through the LIFE program, the municipality of Iași will acquire 10 City Tree ensembles, an ideal combination between plants and Internet of Things technology. City Tree features a large surface with different types of fibres that ensure the filtration of air particles, including fine dust while simultaneously both producing oxygen and reducing noise levels.

At the same time, it retains and evaporates a significant amount of moisture, ensuring a noticeable cooling effect of up to 2.5 degrees Celsius. A City Tree ensemble filters breathable air for about 7,000 people in one hour, reducing fine dust in the air by some 80%.

A City Tree set-up can also additionally be equipped with mobile data network technology meant to improve the city's digital infrastructure as well as with photovoltaic panels and LED advertising panels. The City Tree ensemble includes 8 muscle modules with ventilation and irrigation system, a rest area and a myriad of different sensors.

The estimated value for the implementation of the project is 958,356 euros, 527,095 of which are contributed by the LIFE program itself (in the form of non-reimbursable financial assistance). The Municipality of Iași's own contribution amounts to 301,882 euros, while the partner associated with this project will provide another 129,378 euros.



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