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Sofia CyberSec 2020 bounces back this month

Sofia CyberSec 2020 bounces back this month

The second edition of the conference on digital protection will happen after all

Here is a piece of assuring news in these troubled times. On the last day this month, 30 September, Sofia CyberSec 2020 – the conference dedicated to discussing the latest trends in digital security - will take place at Open Space, Sofia Tech Park. Originally scheduled for the spring, the event had to be postponed due to the rapidly changing circumstances around the Covid-19 pandemic.

A variety of topics for an ever-expanding digital world that needs safety

As promised, the conference will attempt to find answers to pertinent questions, such as: What are the best methods to counteract cyber threats against individuals, companies and states, especially in the vulnerability experienced in the wake of the global pandemic? What is the best way to protect databases containing sensitive corporate information or confidential individual information? How prepared are we for the innovations that will come with the spread of 5G technology and the potential breaches in security that it may engender?

The idea of the conference is to serve as a discussion and presentation forum for avant-garde ideas on how to boost cybersecurity in the European Union, given that the highly globalized activities of its citizens, institutions and businesses turn them into preferred targets for many criminal actors operating in the digital sphere.

Sofia CyberSec 2020 will count with the presence of several dignitaries and officials working in the fields of digital connectivity and cybersecurity. Among them will be EU Commissioner for Innovation, Research, Culture, Education and Youth Mariya Gabriel, who is slated to formally open the events on the main stage.

Throughout the day attendees will be able to enjoy talks and presentations by various experts from the field of cybersecurity from NATO, Facebook, the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences and digital start-ups.

The conference is organized by, Digital National Alliance and CLICO with institutional support provided by NATO.



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