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Sofia may soon become a more pleasant-looking city

Sofia may soon become a more pleasant-looking city

This is what a newly adopted ordinance on the urban environment entails

On Thursday, the Sofia Municipal Council adopted an Ordinance on the urban environment. For the first time, the document sets out clear rules for each stage of the planning, design, construction and maintenance of the urban areas and the city as a whole. This happens about a year after public discussions on the project began.

Public spaces developed in accordance with the spirit of the place

The point of ​​the ocument is for Sofia to develop a harmonious vision, led by the spirit of the city. As of yesterday, Sofia is the last European capital to obtain a similar document, stating requirements for the vision of the buildings in the centre, font of the signboards, city furniture, etc.

Also covered in the ordinance are flooring, benches, rings, facades, signs, etc. The document is addressed to the contractors of reconstructions, additions and superstructures, major repairs of buildings and facilities, streets and squares.

The changes envisage the Bulgarian capital to be divided into six zones, each having certain requirements for urban spaces and the elements they contain, in accordance with the specific location, purpose, cultural and historical features, architectural heritage, etc. The zoning was decided based on a preliminary study of the construction, the General Development Plan, the functioning of the city by urban units and the connection of the buildings.

In addition, the city's font standards, information boards, navigation, and facade design standards are adopted for part of the city centre (in the picture). Additional standards are in the making, which will be used for facades, lighting, public furniture, etc.

In case of violation of the ordinance, sanctions are also envisaged: fines from BGN 200 (2 BGN = 1 euro) to BGN 500 (EUR 250) for individuals and from BGN 500 to BGN 2,000 - for legal entities.



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