Citizens will be able to win prizes by ditching their cars for more sustainable means of transportation

Sofia’s new mobility app - saving on CO2 emissions and giving out prizes

Sofia’s new mobility app - saving on CO2 emissions and giving out prizes

Sofia Coin will track the routes taken by sustainable modes of transportation, which will help local authorities to expand the cycling path network

Today, local authorities in Sofia announced the launch of a new app that will help citizens track the distance they have travelled without a car. The app is called Sofia Coin and is the result of the fruitful collaboration between the Municipality and Bulgarian businesses to promote sustainable mobility, healthier lifestyles and prizes for the most avid users.

Gamifying sustainable mobility

The app combines the efforts of Eventim, the biggest event ticket platform, Hobo and Brum, e-scooter operators in the city, E-bike rental and A1 – the biggest telecommunications operator. Citizens can turn on the app to track the distance they will commute and input the mode of transportation.

They can choose between using conventional bikes, e-scooters, e-bikes, public transportation or walking. Then the app will track both the distance travelled and the carbon emissions saved. The distance will accumulate over time and unlock prizes, which range from bicycle gloves to concert tickets.

Furthermore, local authorities will use the data to map the most frequently used sustainable mobility routes, such as bike lanes, and offer regular maintenance and upgrade of their quality.

In one move, the Municipality has gamified the sustainable mobility sector, provided tools for smart city maintenance planning and given a robust incentive to promote sustainable mobility.

The Deputy Mayor of Transport and Mobility, Kristian Krastev, explained that every time citizens use sustainable means of transportation, they stimulate the economy, nature, their own health and that of future generations.

Dobromir Cholakov, the director of E-bike Rental said: “Your city, your world – they need green energy. Alternatives modes of transportation are that hidden potential for cleaner air and a cleaner environment.”



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