Some outdoor sports activities reallowed in Copenhagen

Some outdoor sports activities reallowed in Copenhagen

The easing of restrictions has given local authorities the opportunity to also lift some of their own bans

With the whole of Denmark slowly creeping towards normalcy, local governments across the country are engaged in a careful and cautious game of lifting some of their own restrictions that are meant to prevent the spread of coronavirus.

One of the latest measures adopted by the municipality of Copenhagen has been the reallowing of a number of outdoor sports activities. The use of municipal facilities for the relevant sports has also been given the green light by local authorities.

Working in tandem with sports and health organisations

The decision to reduce the scope of restrictions in terms of outdoor sport activity was reached after negotiations and discussions between the Culture and Leisure Committee in the City of Copenhagen, the Danish Sports Federation and DGI, who have also been in contact with the National Board of Health of Denmark.

The Board has come forward with a series of recommendations that feature what types of activities can be considered safe going forward – and are exclusively limited to outdoor activities with no physical contact between participants. Such sports include tennis, athletics, beach volleyball, cycling, kayaking, shooting and others – and only if there’s a maximum of 10 people present in the group taking part in said activities.

Eager to underline that there is in no way a full reopening of sports Culture and Recreation Mayor Franciska Rosenkilde stated that “The new recommendations make it healthy for some sports associations to resume outdoor training at the municipality's facilities. In the Culture and Leisure Committee, we look forward to the fact that parts of the Copenhagen association life can get back to growing their sport, but at the same time, we agree that there is no reopening yet. "

The municipality is looking forward the further health recommendations as it hopes to reallow the practising of even more sports in the near future.



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