Mayor Peter Kavanagh posing with the new bikes , Source: South Dublin County Council

South Dublin County park rangers are upgrading to e-bikes

South Dublin County park rangers are upgrading to e-bikes

By ditching diesel-fuelled vans, they will be able to cover more ground with way fewer disruptions for park-goers

Recently, authorities in South Dublin County announced that park rangers will start using e-bikes. Councillor Peter Kavanagh, Mayor of South Dublin County, the first two bikes that will be used in Tymon and Corkagh Park.

The bikes will replace the rangers’ previous mode of transportation – diesel-fuelled vans. This will offer them much more flexibility when traversing the parks allow them to go to places where previously they could not.

The bikes will also help to reduce emissions and give citizens direct contact with local authorities’ climate actions. At the same time, doing away with vans will bring rangers closer to park-goers by making them more approachable. It will also cause less disruption in the green atmosphere of the parks, as well as improve air quality.

Furthermore, the rangers will be able to move between parks, using South Dublin’s greenways, a network of carless cycling lanes, flanked by greenery.

South Dublin County’s plan to reach climate goals  

The bikes were purchased through the County’s Climate Innovation Fund and are aimed as a measure towards reaching South Dublin’s climate target. According to the Climate Change Action Plan, authorities are supposed to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 51% until 2030 and net-zero by 2050.

The plan outlines three additional targets apart from emissions reduction including a 50% improvement in energy efficiency by 2030. It also plans to make Dublin a climate-resilient region by reducing the impacts of climate-related events like storms and rising sea levels. Furthermore, it aims for an active information campaign with citizens.

There are several exciting projects in different fields across the South Dublin County area. One is the Tallaght District Heating Scheme, which will make use of waste-generated heat from local data centres by redirecting into nearby residential buildings.

Another envisions a large scale modal shift in the area, away from cars and towards low-carbon alternatives. The County plans on expanding the green routes and cycling infrastructure and they have already installed 51 cycling-related facilities.



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