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South Dublin wants to engage citizens on climate action with new website

South Dublin wants to engage citizens on climate action with new website

The County Council approved 130 climate actions that they will carry out this year alone

Today, the South Dublin County Council approved a plan consisting of 130 climate actions that will be carried out this year. They include projects for climate mitigation and adaptation, as well as measures to increase energy efficiency and better mobility options.

Furthermore, according to a statement by the County Council, they will try to reach out and engage the public on the topic of climate change via a new website, which will provide information on workshops and community groups.

The website is set to launch in early 2022 and should help communicate local climate policy and help to increase transparency while reaching out to the public.

Using waste heat from Amazon Web Services

One of the flagship projects of South Dublin County Council is the Tallaght District Heating Network, which, upon completion, is estimated to reduce carbon dioxide emission by nearly 1,500 tons per year, the equivalent to the annual energy use of 181 homes.

The Tallaght District Heating Network will use waste heat from the recently opened Amazon Web Services data centre. At the same time, the system is expected to be commissioned in the second quarter of 2022.

Another important project is the refitting of nearly 30,000 public lights, currently accounting for 44% of the county’s energy consumption. The lights need to be replaced with more efficient LEDs.

Currently, authorities are in the second phase of the project, which calls for 10,000 lights to be replaced between 2020 and 2025, at the cost of 11 million euros. 1,500 lights are scheduled for replacement this year. When this project is complete, authorities expect savings between 50% and 65%.

The last major point is the South Dublin County Council Climate Action website, scheduled to launch in early 2022. It is aimed at informing the public on the impact of local policy, as well as providing transparency and a point of engagement. At the same time, the website will help citizens learn practical solutions to reduce their own carbon emissions on a local or individual level.



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