nursing homes map Spain, Source: TECH friendly

Spanish company maps the risk of COVID-19 among the elderly

Spanish company maps the risk of COVID-19 among the elderly

They created a nursing homes map that is freely available online

With the Coronavirus having turned into a pandemic, there is a very real possibility that most of us will be infected. However, the risks of contracting COVID-19 and showing symptoms are proven to be higher among the elderly. The natural question is whether this knowledge can help us in protecting them better. 

Data – first steps for better decision-making

The answer is yes, for the Spanish TECH friendly, who have developed and provided for free an online tool representing the position of places in nursing homes. These facilities, with the high concentration of people belonging to the risk age group, must be among the first places to be monitored.

Hence, the aim of the initiative is to calibrate the potential impact of the coronavirus in these places as a means to help operational and strategic decision-making.

There are currently more than 5000 nursing homes in the country with 370,000 places available, according to the count done by TECH friendly. Most of them offer up to 170 places and are operated by the private sector.

Structured data about nursing homes

Their interactive map shows a view of all the nursing homes in Spain based on the CSIC Health and Social Resources Map, as well as a visualizer in a detailed data table format about these residences.

Nursing homes can be seen and counted according to the province they are located in, type (public, private) and data with respective addresses can be downloaded in a list form. In the coming days, TECH Friendly will incorporate additional information to help understand the phenomenon better.

Spain has become one of the most affected countries by COVID-19 and has recently surpassed China in the number of coronavirus positive cases. Last week international media broke stories about abandoned elderly people in nursing homes in the Iberic country with some of them having unfortunately already passed away.



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