Funchal suburbs in the wooded hills

Special hydro network will soon boost anti-fire security in Funchal

Special hydro network will soon boost anti-fire security in Funchal

One of the main hazards to the island capital

Last week, the Madeira government website reported on the continuing construction of a water network in the vicinity of the main city of Funchal. The infrastructure is planned to aid local firefighters in their work when putting flash and forest fires in the wooded areas in and around the municipality – something that is considered to be a high hazard for the inhabitants there, along with landslides.

On that occasion, Susana Prada, regional secretary for Environment, Natural Resources and Climate Change inspected the installations which are mostly financed by the autonomous government of the Atlantic archipelago.

The ability to respond fast is essential when dealing with forest fires

The integration of the specialized hydro network into the firefighting facilities of the city are considered a valuable boost to those capacities. The project is an investment budgeted at 2.1 million euros, financed by PRODERAM, the regional development program providing 85% of the funds.

It aims to provide water, quickly and in sufficient quantity, to firefighters who have to fight fires in this area of ​​Funchal, guaranteeing greater combat effectiveness and greater security for the population. Six of the nine kilometres that make up this network have already been completed.

This network, which extends along the entire Caminho dos Pretos, between Terreiro da Luta and Palheiro Ferreiro, and at the access to Curral dos Romeiros, will consist of 20 fire hydrants and a reservoir with a capacity of 1,500 m3. In the event of a fire, it will be decisive in ensuring the fight against the fire and guaranteeing the safety of the population of Funchal,” explained Susana Prada.

In addition to the installation of a fire-fighting water network, the intervention in the area includes the cleaning and removal of invasive plant species and reforestation with suitable plants and the opening of 40 kilometres of forest paths. 44% of the Caminho dos Pretos strip, or 280 ha, has already been or is being intervened, both by the Institute of Forests and Nature Conservation and by private entities supported by the Regional Government through PRODERAM.



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