Where is European research headed? The answers are many, the days are two: 23 and 24 June

Spoilt for choice: Registration is now open for Research and Innovation Days 2021

Spoilt for choice: Registration is now open for Research and Innovation Days 2021

The two-day event on 23-24 June will feature a rich programme indeed

The European Commission’s much-awaited flagship event Research and Innovation Days is drawing ever so near, with its third edition scheduled to take place online on 23 and 24 June. The programme featuring a varied selection of plenaries, panels and workshops had already been available for days, but as of today, one can also register to attend any of these. The reason that the programme was released before the option for registration was that participants could have the time to first consult the events on offer and make their choices before signing up.

Promotional video of the registration process for European Research and Innovation Days. Source: The European Commission's Science and Innovation YouTube channel 

Anyone can create their own personalized participation

The European Union is moving into a summer post-Covid frenzy that is partly inspired by the ambitions that had already been part of the current Commission’s policies, such as the green future and how to build it. On the other hand, however, there are new questions that need to find answers and solutions, such as what the best way is to recover after the pandemic.

Organizers have stated that prominent policymakers, researchers and entrepreneurs will take part in the plenaries and panels in order to give the public a sense of transparency and information on what is new in the field of applied science. Apart from presenting and debating, however, the forum is there in order to foster connections and interactions so that a truly continental community can be created. After all, the benefits of research and innovation need to reach every corner of Europe and every person who resides there.

Let us remind our readers that this year marks the start of Horizon Europe, described as the most ambitious EU research and innovation programme ever. A programme that is backed up with more robust funding and a more extensive scope of action in order to enhance network synergy within the European Research Area and convert it into a genuine global space of innovation.

Our advice is: waste no time, consult the event’s programme (if you haven’t already) and sign up for the events. Some of them (workshops) do have a limit on participants.



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