Stockholm welcomes summer, Source: Stockholm Municipality

Stockholm opens up to welcome summer

Stockholm opens up to welcome summer

This is done through the creation of specific summer public spaces

On 12 May, the municipal website of Stockholm announced the return of the traditional summer public spaces in the city as a way of opening up the urban localities to bring people out of their winter slumber and promote socializing, active lifestyle and more vivid engagement with one’s living environment. In collaboration with Stockholm Art, the authorities have placed works of art in several of the summer places. The theme for the art is Democracy 100 years.

An initiative to make the city a more inviting place to be in

This annual initiative is part of the grander Living Stockholm concept. The latter aims to bring the city's public spaces to life by creating pleasant outdoor environments and an attractive city life. Every year, temporary measures are taken to decorate streets and squares and create pleasant pedestrian streets and winter and summer squares.

The Summer Places idea revolves around four different activities:

For one, there is the already mentioned art exhibition. This year's theme is democracy as Sweden celebrates 100 years of universal suffrage in 2021. It has characterized the works of the participating artists, where the common denominator is a strong belief in everyone's equal rights. This year, over 13 artists are exhibiting works around the city.

Then there is the pedestrianization of certain streets. Summer pedestrian streets are places with limited traffic where one can stroll between furniture, art and plants. On several of the streets, activities take place during the summer on the initiative of both the city and the people of Stockholm. 

This year, the summer pedestrian streets are a full 2.8 kilometres altogether! Since the first two summer streets were tested in 2015, the number of places has increased every year. It is possible thanks to a close collaboration with the business community, associations and Stockholmers.

Additionally, residents can choose to spend time in the Summer Squares. In these, there is a mixture of furniture, plants, lighting and art. One will also find games and other activities in several of the squares during the season. At Nockeby square you can play boules with your friends or why not opt for a game of chess at Rågsvedstorget?

Finally, the city also offers the so-called Pop-up parks. These are smaller oases in the urban environment. 

Here residents can take a break and enjoy the vibes of the city among plants and furniture. The city organizes its own pop-up parks, but Stockholmers themselves have the opportunity to apply for a permit to set up one of their own parks.



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