The Nobel Lights Week this year combines audio and visual artistry, Source: Stockholm Municipality

Stockholm to combine silent disco with light artistry

Stockholm to combine silent disco with light artistry

A free and exciting activity, which will be part of the Nobel Week Lights 2021 show

The Nobel Prizes Week is long gone but the Nobel Week Lights is only heating up now with its start on Saturday. The inventive festival, which shows the latest in terms of light artistry, while taking inspiration from Nobel Prize winners is currently in its second edition. This year, 21 lighting installations will occupy different spots in Stockholm in an intriguing twist to the traditional Christmas decorations present in other cities around the world.

This year’s festival will once again feature guided walks, but what’s even cooler is that the opening and closing weekends (4-5 and 11-12 December, respectively) visitors will also get the chance to go on a silent disco tour, combining audio and visual experiences into one.

Have you tried silent disco?

The silent disco concept, which started out as a novelty idea in the party sphere, involves the attendees wearing headphones and listening to dance music without disturbing the surrounding environment – in essence keeping the party spirit without creating noise pollution.

In this case, the organizers promise that three famous DJs will live-mix music that will be piped into the walkers’ headphones. The participants will be divided into three groups for the purpose, each one with a different DJ.

Hannes Ferm has curated the music for the lighting installations and also mixes live the music in the group that starts at the School of Business and the lighting installation BETWEEN-THE-LINES. Alva Göranson mixes the music in the group that starts at the Moderna Museet and the light installation Scandinavian Pain. Nora Pollack mixes the music in the group that starts at Stadsgårdsterminalen and the light installation called Incandescence

Together, the groups dance their way through Nobel Week Light's light installations. In Kungsträdgården, at the light installation Sense Light Swings they will converge. Then everyone dances together to City Hall and Earth from Space installation where the experience ends with a large silent disco with Södermalm's skyline in the background.

All participants may borrow headphones in exchange for a deposit which will be returned when the headphones are handed back. The walks take place in the evenings between 18:15 and 21:00 and are free to attend with previous online booking.

In case you can’t make it there check out all the installations which will be on show this year.



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