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Stuttgart further expands cycling infrastructure

Stuttgart further expands cycling infrastructure

New bicycle parking spots have been created near the main train station, substantially bolstering connectivity in the city

The number of cyclists in the German city of Stuttgart is steadily increasing, even in winter and in spite of the adverse weather conditions. In order to be able to safely store the well-equipped and often expensive bicycles and e-bikes, 200 covered and lockable parking spaces have been set up at the Paulinenbrücke and around the main train station by local authorities who aim to popularize cycling even further.

Infrastructure supporting growing interest

Three new locations now boast new parking spaces for bicycles – Paulinenbrücke, Stuttgart’s main train station and Arnulf-Klett-Platz. The three locations also serve as pilot projects to gain further experience with bicycle garages. A bicycle service station was originally planned only at Paulinenbrücke and the bicycle garage there will remain active until a permanent use of the area has been decided. The locations at the main train station will also be closed after the Stuttgart 21 project has been completed. The bicycle garages will then be given a new and permanent location.

The city’s bicycle commissioner Eva Adam explained that “We have set ourselves the goal of becoming a bicycle-friendly city - this includes not only the expansion of the infrastructure but also good, theft-proof storage facilities that can be rented by the day, week, month or even year. This is particularly interesting for our commuters who regularly cycle to work or university. "

Discussing the temporary nature of these new parking lots, the cycling commissioner also stated that "We didn't want to wait until everything is ready, but rather offer good parking facilities now, especially at the main train station, where many people park their bikes."

By providing new and improve infrastructure at critical junctures, local authorities in Stuttgart are making good on their promise of promoting cycling in the city – something that would ultimately contribute to them achieving their climate ambitions by involving as many citizens as possible in the practice.



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