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Stuttgart’s pedestrianization efforts ramp up

Stuttgart’s pedestrianization efforts ramp up

The latest project that has been completed was initially suggested by citizens who also worked hard to make it a reality

Stuttgart is going hard at making pedestrian traffic in the city more and more easy and enticing. Through a number of projects, officials are turning the urban area into a haven for pedestrianization that is becoming especially important as lockdown and social distancing rules tighten in Germany and its states.

The latest project to be inaugurated jointly by citizens and officials is the new promenade at Ostendstrasse – an idea that was pitched by locals who also did invaluable work to ultimately turn their suggestions into reality.

Pedestrianization – vital amid social distancing

The new promenade at Ostendstrasse was inaugurated by Stuttgart’s mayor for urban development and housing Peter Pätzold, earlier last week who was also joined by the volunteers who helped authorities realize the project.

Prior to the government’s intervention, the area was completely inaccessible for pedestrians as it was overgrown and surrounded by flora. In the past six months, however, it has been redesigned and a walkway between the linden trees has been created, allowing for locals to finally make the journey through it. For the new walking path, the old planting was removed from the ground cover and the green area at curb height was re-created as a meadow. The planting areas of the old linden trees have been greatly enlarged allowing them to bloom and prosper as they are better supplied with rainwater and nutrients in the future.

The project for the promenade was part of the city of Stuttgart’s citizen participation initiative through which locals were able to submit their ideas which were then voted upon and approved by their peers and by local authorities. Ultimately the Ostendstrasse project was agreed upon at a cost of 910,000 euros – 2/3 of which provided by the German Federal Government and 1/3 by the Stuttgart city budget.



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