The subsidised waste collection will be linked to 80 litre bins , Source: Depositphotos

Subsidised diaper removal for low-income residents offered in Croatia's Krapina

Subsidised diaper removal for low-income residents offered in Croatia's Krapina

The measures are aimed at parents and people using adult diapers, as a form of aid during the cost-of-living crisis

Yesterday, the Croatian city of Krapina announced a new social aid service for residents – subsidized removal of diapers for low-income households using children's or adult diapers. According to an official statement, local authorities say that the subsidized rates will be aimed at less affluent households with a special rate for single parents.

Moreover, Mayor Zoran Gregurović explained that local authorities are taking into account the recent price increases, related to the cost-of-living crisis. In this regard, he pointed out that the subsidized removal of diapers is a small part of a package of social measures yet to be announced, aimed at making citizens’ lives easier.

The initiative is tied to municipal waste removal

The subsidised diaper removal in Krapina is tied to waste collection services. Applicants to the programme will have an 80-litre container earmarked for general waste, which authorities will dispose of.

The service is limited to households with a monthly income of 200 euros where the service will cost 7.50 euros per month and single-parent households with an income up to 275 euros per month, where the service will cost 4.50 euros.

The application will be open to Krapina residents. They will need to submit a host of documents, including proof of ID, proof of income, a statement about the use of the bucket, and invoices from the waste collection company. Additionally, parents will have to attach copies of their children’s birth certificates or a copy of an ID card in the case of dependents using adult diapers.

The waste removal service provider, Krakom doo, will then forward records on waste removal of people granted waste assistance to city authorities. The city will then foot the bill to the company itself.   



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