The Administrative Palace in Suceava., Source: Cezar Suceveanu on Wikipedia, CC BY 3.0

Suceava County, in Romania, ready to take Ukrainian refugees

Suceava County, in Romania, ready to take Ukrainian refugees

Local authorities have said that they can set up a camp with beds, tents and electricity in a matter of hours

Today, the Prefect of Suceava County in Romania, Alexandru Moldovan, announced that local authorities are prepared to receive an influx of refugees from Ukraine in case it comes to that. The statement followed Romanian Prime Minister Nicolae Ciuca, who gave a similar address on Monday.

Suceava County is located in the northern part of the country and it directly borders Ukraine. On top of that, one of the biggest border crossings between the two countries passes through the county, so it is safe to assume that if a refuge wave was to arise a substantial number would pass through there.

Ready the tents

According to AGERPRESS, a Romanian information agency, county authorities have identified locations where they can set up mobile camps with tents, beds, electricity sources.

The local action plan is coordinated with the Ministry of Internal Affairs and much of the emergency equipment will be supplied by Inspectorate for Emergency Situations (Inspectoratului pentru Situaţii de Urgenţă) Suceava.

The statement also claims that in the event of an emergency, the first refugees can be placed there in a matter of 12 hours. Furthermore, according to emergency authorities, in addition to the mobile camps, the tourism industry will also pitch in, fulfilling the minimum requirements to accommodate the refugees.

Facilities should also be equipped with both medical and psychological professionals to help with the refugees' health and trauma management.

Authorities are also looking into even more possibilities available territory in neighbouring counties, in a pre-emptive move to counter a possible massive refugee wave from overwhelming local infrastructure.



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