Suggest innovative solutions to the challenges in Prague and win awards

Suggest innovative solutions to the challenges in Prague and win awards

Up to 50 000 CZK and the chance to see your ideas through

Prague has launched an innovation marathon, aimed to tackle local challenges with the help of the residents of the city. NAKOPNI PRAHU is a competition addressed to those able to devise modern and innovative practical solutions, similar to those applied in other world cities and private companies and prepare them for rapid implementation in the Czech capital. The city therefore engages to implement the best projects received.

Political engagement to tackle local challenges with innovation

The city of Prague is launching a project that allows citizens to participate in improving life in the capital, explained the Mayor of Prague Zdeněk Hřib on Facebook. The Prague government has been inspired by similar events in Taiwan and will be the first Czech city to organize this one, he continued. The Mayor promised that the municipality will support the best citizens so as to see their ideas through.

The competition is open to teams who can devise in five months a prototype of a solution to one of the challenges in a subcategory. Participants will have to elaborate in detail on how to improve the lives of Prague citizens in several specific areas. The challenges to be addressed are in six categories:

  • How to use city data;
  • How to get rid of Prague visual smog;
  • How to expand greenery and improve water use;
  • How can neighbours get to know each other better;
  • How to take better care of those who are sick and at risk;
  • How to educate in a safer environment.

How to participate?

Put together a team of two to five members, choose a challenge and sign up. The selected participants will be invited to a meeting with mentors and experts to explain in detail all the challenges. The winners have the chance to return home with:

  • 1st place - CZK 50,000 and help with the implementation of the idea, including obtaining a grant for its realisation
  • 2nd place - CZK 30,000
  • 3rd place - CZK 20,000

For more information and applications, visit the website of the campaign #NAKOPNIPRAHU.



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