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Sustainability is at the heart of Frederiksberg’s new municipal plan

Sustainability is at the heart of Frederiksberg’s new municipal plan

It will increase nature, promote green traffic, and encourage sustainability

This week, the Danish City of Frederiksberg announced that it is now ready with its new municipal plan. The plan considers the changing times and the need to pay particular attention to topics such as sustainability and the green transition. As such, it focuses on creating more space for nature, promoting green traffic, and encouraging sustainable practices.

Jan E. Jørgensen, Chairman of Frederiksberg Municipality’s City and Environment Committee, commented: “Overall, we have an ambitious municipal plan that sets the sustainable bar high in all areas. In connection with the consultation, many citizens and associations wanted the traffic to be greener than what the original proposal for a municipal plan proposed. There, we have listened and sharpened both goals and guidelines.”

Frederiksberg must become greener

The new plan seeks to increase the number of green areas in the city. Expanding on this, Frederiksberg has set itself the ambitious goal of ensuring that all residents must be able to walk a maximum of 300 metres before reaching a large green space.

What is more, both flora and fauna must be increased as the municipality wants to boost biodiversity. Finally, water must be distributed across various urban spaces to keep the city cooler.

Stricter requirements in terms of housing

Frederiksberg’s citizens will now face stricter rules when undertaking construction projects. That is, they will be tasked with ensuring that there is a special focus on communities and the development of more common areas. More importantly, they will also be required to follow certain requirements in terms of environmental sustainability.

Accelerating the green transition

The traffic and infrastructure in Frederiksberg will see numerous changes over the next several years. Taking a case in point, the municipality now seeks to create greater opportunities for shared cars and electric vehicles. In order to encourage more people to switch to green vehicles, Frederiksberg will first ensure that there is a sufficient number of charging stations.

As such, new construction projects will be required to include charging stations in their plans. What is more, there must be a charging point for electric vehicles within 250 metres of all multi-storey buildings.

The new municipal plan also considers the needs of cyclists and individuals who use public transport. Therefore, the city will facilitate the use of both by creating an additional 1,200 parking spaces for bicycles. Moreover, it will require bus stops to be located at a maximum walking distance of 400 metres from any point in the city.

Lastly, parking spaces for vehicles will be moved underground in order to create more opportunities for green or recreational areas. With these new objectives, Frederiksberg aims to become a greener and more sustainable city.

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