The Christmas tree in Arad, Source: Iustin Cionca on Facebook

Sustainable Christmas decorations are all the rage in Romania’s Arad

Sustainable Christmas decorations are all the rage in Romania’s Arad

The new municipal Christmas tree and decorations give a cool insight into a possible low-carbon future for the Christmas holidays

Yesterday, local authorities in Arad (Romania) put up a new municipal Christmas tree, however, this year, it has a twist. It was custom made from satin and branches, while its decorations are manufactured from recycled materials - all of this to help set the tone for more sustainable holiday decorations.

All I want for Christmas is sustainability  

The European Union saw major changes when it comes to the introduction of sustainable practices this year with a lot of governments pushing hard on climate goals. In fact, a lot of municipalities in countries like Germany and Austria have almost started a veritable arms race to reach net-zero emissions.

The push for sustainability is largely a good thing, although the question of sustainable Christmas decorations rarely makes a public appearance. While the cause is not without its supporters, climate-friendly Christmas trees without plastic trinkets and lights are something to be considered.

This is what the Romanian town of Arad has been trying to do for some years now, by bouncing back and forth between artificial plastic trees and real trees. The problem has usually been the fragile dilemma between aesthetics and sustainability. That is until now.

The new tree has been specially handcrafted so that it is not a source of plastic waste while still looking realistic and beautiful during the day. It is made from real wooden branches and small satin strands, which have been painstakingly glued to the branches.

The decorations, in their own right, have been made with recycled materials. According to information from the city, no living trees were harmed during the assembly of their eco-friendly organic/artificial Christmas tree.

Iustin Cionca, the Arad County Council President went to Facebook, where he praised the project, saying: “The County Council raised in front of the institution the most beautiful tree this year - one that looks very good in the day, not only when it is lit! I am proud that we can offer this joy to the people of Arad and that we do it with respect for nature!”



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