UFGC, Source: Urban Future Global Conference 2020

Take part in the Urban Future Young Leaders Programme

Take part in the Urban Future Young Leaders Programme

Are you under 30? Are you passionate about cities and urban development? Then you wouldn’t want to miss this opportunity

The Urban Cities Global Conference 2020 is shaping up to be one of the most exciting events of the year. With just a few months to go, organizers are now on the lookout for the most inspiring and committed speakers to present their own visions at the conference’s panels.

Engaging future generations

Organizers are adamant that the involvement of young people is the key to the future. That is why they are inviting the continent’s youth to take part in the Urban Cities Global Conference 2020 and take up the mantle of young leaders.

The Young Leaders Programme offers 50 youngsters, below the age of 30, passionate about cities and urban development the opportunity to take part in a once-in-a-lifetime event filled to the brim with workshops, networking opportunities and special skills sessions.

And how can one get involved? It’s simple. Just apply at the following link - fill out the form and send it over to the organizers. The deadline for applications is 19 January 2020 and after that, you’ll be notified whether you’re among the 50 Young Leaders taking their first steps in making their ideas and dreams for the future come true.

If you’re interested in what the event will look like, don’t forget to check out our other articles over the TheMayor.EU – including a breakdown of the recently announced programme of the UFGC 2020.

You can also keep yourselves updated on the most recent developments regarding the conference by following our own social media channels, as well as those of the Urban Future Global Conference, or by simply keeping track of the hashtag #UFGC20.

UPDATE 6.3.2020: Due to the global Coronavirus outbreak, the 2020 edition of the event has been cancelled.



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